Monday, August 25, 2014

My Life in Food Is Moving

Hi Friends,

Long time no talk, I know. Guess what? The kids head back to school tomorrow and for the first time in forever, I'll only have one baby at home all day! This means more time for blogging. This post is just a heads up that I'm planning on writing at a new blog this year. I'll still write about food and recipes, but I'm expanding in that it'll be more my personal blog/lifestyle site. I want to talk to you all about so many things, not just food. I don't have a lot of time here since all four kids are still home with me today, but be looking for an update soon.

I'll just warn you, it could be a couple weeks. I really truly suck at technology and setting up a new website is like, really techy, so grace please!

I'll leave you with some more scenes from summer.

Talk soon,

figuring out the 7th grade school lockers

Rockies/Dodgers game


  1. Krysta! Where have you gone??

    1. Gabi, I'm JUST NOW getting my act together. I'll post soon. New blog!


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